Monday, June 1, 2009

There and Back Again

I assumed that the newness of traveling overseas had been drained after spending first semester in Peru and backpacking in Bolivia. But I was dead wrong. Imagine my surprise when the first sight of Costa Rica's verdant mountains snatched some breath out of me. I looked to my right and left, then behind me- everyone was smiling! A little gem of a moment with humanity.

I get one hour here in San Jose- and I am trying to "aprovechar" every minute! (I can't even waste a glance on my computer screen for too long so excuse any spelling errors). The sky reads, from left to right, "chance of thunderstorm, billowy cloudy, remnant of light white streaks on azure, blue." All this above a bottom layer of lime green grass and rainforest trees, dotted with terra cotta roofs, and stamped with giant lush mountains hugging the little city around all its edges.

Meanwhile, buses of people from everywhere (and I mean everywhere- Dallas, TX included) shuttle in and out in front of my little pane of window. Currently there are approximately 50 men, women, and curious children packed at the door and trying not to stare at the American girl awkwardly sitting on the floor. It's okay, chances are we won't see each other again and the discomfort will subside for both parties with a small dose of time.

I forgot the beauty of Latin America; I didn't forget the little details like the olive trees or bougainvillas or the bulky yet rigid look of the mountains- I forgot the experience of its beauty. It feels new all over again. Do you think we can fall in love again with God's same creation every morning? Because I think He does.

Time to board; yes! That means that the fresh-looking air is minutes from my lungs' touch. Hasta luego.