Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation "Day Off"

Yesterday was the first day Susan, Gloria (as we like to call her, Glo), and I had a day off together.
Operation Day-Off began like this: I was at the girls' home, Susan went to our apartment, and we were going to meet at some kind of show (brigadeer?) at Romina's school. Well, I arrived at her school a bit late and it was empty... so I walked back to our apartment to find Susan. O wait, also I don't have keys to the apartment yet. So Susan wasn't there... walked to the office. Not there... Back to the apartment to wait until she came home, because surely she would be coming home soon. After a little while, Kike, Romina's dad, came at me pedaling on his bicycle, waving his cell phone in the air. He had Susan on the phone for me and my sweet Peruvian dad rode from the office to our apartment so I could talk to her! Anyway, Susan and Glo had been waiting for me at the Pizza Hut out in La Molina this whole time. So after about an hour of what I'm gonna call exercise, I found them!

Totally worth the pre-game adventure, because we got to eat at the Saltenaria! Saltenas are little empanadas I fell in love with in Bolivia last year. Really fell in love. 2 were sufficient for Glo, but unashamed I downed 3 of them.. Bien contenta :)

Adventure number 2: San Borja, Susan's new favorite park. Verdant and clean, beautiful stone walls and steps built up on hills with tiny streams trickling down them. Then we stumbled onto a little colony of huge ducks that had invaded the park.

Adventure #3: Go to an AWESOME tea shop in San Borja and sit upstairs in the little bookstore loft on the oriental rug for hours. The Indian music in the background, little glass coffee table held up by statues of Hindu gods blended well with the C.S. Lewis quote about tea painted on the wall... in English.
We mulled over questions like What makes a Peruvian tick? and Why do they work so hard at some things and despairingly give up on others? over tea and coffee. More new questions than answers. Wonderful day.