Monday, June 15, 2009

Love these people.

Sunday was a beautiful, grey cloudy day-- the overcast sky was no match for smiling, laughing children in sunday school or warm embraces from friends long missed, a few ricas saltenas with friends or discipleship with a spiritual mother figure who resembles anne lammott and betty crocker at the same time, or the time to sit on the couch with friends at the end of the day and laugh out of tired delirium and genuine enjoyment of each others' company. Love these people.

They're teaching me to take the lowest seat at the banquet table, the one next to Jesus- servant of all. They remind me to laugh at myself when I fall and scrape my knees, to stop staring at myself in the mirror and turn my eyes to Jesus, to trust in Him to answer my questions in due time and not lean on my own understanding.

We're studying The Purpose Driven Life in Bible study at Kike and Marta's house and this last week I was so encouraged by the way they are really taking lessons to heart; then and there we all shared one way in which we wanted to apply what we talked about to our daily lives within the next few days. So good.

Today was Gloria's birthday- so fun! We're off to go get a movie to watch while we digest the enormous amounts of exquisite food we consumed today! Thank you Marta for your RICISSIMO arroz con pollo y papas a la huancaina!!!